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Nice one.

The bit about the harvesters was spot on... (stupid harvesters) This movie really bought back memories of playing Tiberian Dawn... I was expecting EVA to start stating the obvious... ("Our base is under attack.")

Good job. Hope to see a sequel.

Killerratte responds:

I left EVA mostly out because it didn't fit into the talking of the people.

This part was good.

I'm really enjoying this series. Hope part 3 dosn't take too long or break your computer.

The graphics are pretty impressive, but then my drawing is terrible...
Will any of the other characters appear?

Note to morons:
1) It has long been believed that DrBZ inspired some parts of the sonic series. The latest addition was the Hovercraft in Sonic Riders.
2) Sper Sonic/Shadow have always been able to fly. In the 2d games you wern't allwoed to take of to stop the game from being too easy. See Metal Madness (Heroes) or Devil Doom (Shadow) for hedgehogs flying in the atmosphere...

Chakra-X responds:

Yeah I'm gonna be pissed if I find myself working on this in 2007!

And good, your one of them that actually 'gets' the Super Form.

Can't wait for pt 2!

The graphics looked really good. The story never got dull either. I watched it a second time and tried to figure out which game you had taken each line from...

This should be a great series ^_^

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Good idea.

Quite a fun game that made you think about shop placement, but in some of the later levels you could just bunch shops in one area leaving the rest of the map relatively untouched.

Some suggestions:
1) Quality option. Even in "fast mode" the game would slow right down when too many customers were on the screen.

2) Freeplay mode. Either for practice or unlocked after completing the final level. No goals or time limits to see what you can build.

3) Distraction variation. Customers spend different amounts of time at newspaper stands, icecream etc so they don't always leave in the order they arrived.

Not all there.

The bottom of the screen has been cut off so some stuff is unreachable.

Great fun.

I love the new towers and upgrades. Who'd have thought that fruit could be so helpful?

The M.O.A.B.s were a nice challenge. Will there be another bloon spawning them in the next version?

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Great laugh ^_^

It's as good as, if not better than the origional. Nice one ^_^
Are you going to do the rest of the sinnoh dex? Or even the entire national dex?

sonicmega responds:

Hex no, it's not better than the original. Black guys always will kick my ass at rhyming names. Not sure about doing the entire pokedex, it was considered at one point, but the music would end up going for a LOOOOONG while.

I thought I heard this before...

Isn't this just "Warfare" from the cncworld.org website?

Deso responds:

No it's not, it's a remake.

Nice remix

I really like this tune.

I think you managed to fit in Ash and Pikachu's voices in just the right places. Hope to see more game remixes ^_^

Grumbleduke responds:

Er...what? I think you have the wrong review posted here. Well, it's the thought that counts.

Laws of physics? Nuts to them!

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